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What do you love? Colorful accessories? Mermaids? Great Characters? Oh, I know, you love Steampunk!  Wait, what? You love it all?? Me too! 

That is why we are here together. You need hair accessories, jewelry, decor, apparel and gifts that reflect the REAL you! The mermaid, the wizard, the steampunker, the Fan Girl. With just one little accessory you show the world what amazing taste you have and how, maybe, you have a little geek-ittude.  

I'm right aren't I? Or, maybe you need a gift for that special person. The real wizard fan, the mermaid in your life, the TV show loving, couch potato. Yup, all that is here and hand made with care and happiness in my smoke-free home studio. Everything is made to order. Photos of the accessories and jewelry are modeled on my lovely assistant Marlo the Mannequin not on humans. (Except for a few necklaces that are on me.) 

Marlo the Manequin

Don't see what you need? E-Mail me! I bet I can come up with exactly what you need.











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